1 Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, University of Arak, Iran

2 Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Kharazmi University, Karaj, Iran


One of the most efficient relationships between industry and agriculture is to construct Processing industries in villages.  Spatial Planning due to uneven Geographical Distribution of Activities and services, can achieve even geographical distribution of activities, resolving overpopulation, filling voids, reduction in migration from village to city and in general grasping even distribution of human population on land. In this study, multi-criteria decision-making methods (ANP and GIS) are used to locate and prioritize processing industries in Markazi province. Criteria are valued and weighted by Network Analysis and through “Super Decisions” program. By determination of criteria weights maps is rendered in GIS and reported. Final map is categorized in 1-9 fashion in which 9 represents the most desirable location for processing industries environmentally and 1 represents the least in that manner.