Open Access Policy

Scientific Reports in Life Sciences (SRLS) is committed to providing open access to all articles published in our journals. Here are the key aspects of our open access policy:

  1. Free and Unlimited Access: We make all articles published in SRLS immediately available to the global audience. This means that anyone can access the full text of our articles for free, without any restrictions.

  2. Reuse and Citation: We support the principles of open access, allowing everyone the freedom to reuse and cite the published material. Proper accreditation and citation of the original publication are required.

  3. No Article Processing Charges (APC): SRLS is dedicated to open access without imposing any Article Processing Charges. Authors are not required to pay any fees at any stage of the publication process, from submission to the final publication.

By adopting an open access model, we aim to facilitate the widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge and promote greater accessibility to research findings.